Move Mountains Retreat | Early Bird Registration

It's time to stop playing small & start Moving Mountains.


Pull up an adirondack chair, friend. We've been saving you a seat.

The Move Mountains Retreat is a one-of-a-kind experience where you’ll learn the roadmap to scaling and growing your business so that you can make more money, have more time for what matters most in your life, & have a greater influence on the people you love on & serve.  

Here's what we know about you...

... you're tired of being pulled in a million different directions by your own business

... you know deep down that you are capable of making more money and experiencing even greater success and impact

(we mean, LOOK you've gotten this far!)

BUT... you find yourself spinning your wheels, filling your days with busy tasks, and working around the clock only to end up exhausted and on the brink of burn out not knowing your next steps.

Truth time: You didn't start a business to "just be content" with where you're at. You're ready to level up.

Can we get an amen?!

 In fact, you're ready to make big changes... because you know deep down you were made for MORE. 

Tell us if this sounds familiar...

  • You know you have great ideas and huge goals, but you don't know the steps to actually make them happen.
  • You’re tired of the constant comparison cycle that just leaves you exhausted and confused on your next steps.  
  • You’re frustrated with your current business model that requires you to be ON 100% of the time if you want to make more money. 
  • Passive income is sounding pretty dang awesome to you but you have NO CLUE where to even begin. 
  • Your current strategy for marketing has clients trickling in, but you're ready to get fully booked out. 
  • Busy tasks have taken over your life! You spend days, weeks, and months, just DOING the busy tasks that keep your business afloat and not the important tasks that push you forward.  
  • Ultimately you just don’t feel like you have a clear direction on how to achieve the dreams you have in your head. You're ready for clarity, a solid roadmap, kick-ass growth strategy and an action plan to build the business of your dreams.

What if you could attend an intimate, four-day retreat that put you on the fast track to purpose, freedom, & profit

You would be able to…

  • Pivot, transform, and grow your business to new heights.
  • Stop playing small and conquer the “Holy-Crap-I-Can’t-Believe-I’m-Saying-This-Out-Loud” dreams you know you were put on this earth to accomplish.
  • Meet an amazing and supportive community of like-minded dreamers and go-getters who would act as your accountability partners and cheerleaders.
  • Make way more money doing things that light you up while also having more free time to hang out with your loved ones and do things for FUN.
  • Build a connected audience, grow a tribe of people who want to buy your products, and make a long-term impact on their lives and business.  

The Move Mountains Retreat will help you experience the mind-blowing freedom & abundance that comes from scaling your business - the smart way.

In a 4-day breath of fresh air, you’ll be inspired and fueled to create the business of your dreams.  

Since implementing these very same strategies into our businesses we’ve made thousands of dollars in passive income, sold out coaching programs and retreats, brought in six figures & kept up a thriving personal life.  

And we want the very same for you.

Got fears? Maybe you're afraid...

  • That this wil be too much time away from your family, friends, and business?
  • Or that you'll be adding to an already overwhelming to-do list  
  • Or that this will be just like every other course, conference or workshop you've attended and didn't act upon
  • That you truly have what it takes to reach the level of success you want and that scares the crap out of you.
  • To actually put in the work...because what if it does work out? 

They did too. But they took the leap, and now here's what they have to say: 

"Worth every penny"

The Move Mountains Retreat was worth every penny and more! It exceeded my wildest expectations in ways I have trouble even explaining. We covered so much great content in such a small about of time and the group was just the right size for super productive group discussions. I've left other retreats with big exciting ideas, but what made this different is that I went home with an actual plan to implement them. I'm extra excited to be following it up with the Mastermind too!  

-Rosemary G. 

"everything from rewarding, relaxing, enriching, enlightening, educational and soo delicious!"

The Move Mountains Retreat was everything from rewarding, relaxing, enriching, enlightening, educational and soo delicious! I loved the community of ladies I met; it was an easy environment to become besties! The week started out by squashing fears and getting into a limitless mindset you need for the content ahead. The breakout sessions and masterminds throughout are the perfect amounts to walk away feeling like you learned and achieved something already. The last day was filled with one-on-one time and implementation which really helped me stand on my feet with all of the new roadmaps, campaigns and ads I was ready to conquer for my new business and my current business! I can't want to start my mastermind next and keep conquering these goals with these ladies by my side!

-Sara F  

"the future of my business seems limitless now"

Thank you to you ladies for the Move Mountains Retreat. Prior to, I had been in a funk with my business for a few months now.. a mixture of burnt out, lack of creativity, unsure of where to go or what to do, followed by just feeling so crummy about not doing ALL the things and then straight up paralysis .. WELL. Since I've been back... I have been on FIRE! I have gotten SO much done including things that have been on my to do list for literally FOREVER. Last night I stayed up late working, brainstorming, and searching ways to make better videos. When I finally got exhausted, I realized how excited I was to go to bed so I could wake up and continue WORKING! Thank you for igniting my passion(s) once again and creating such a great little community of people to fall back on. I'm so so excited for what's to come and instead of seeing a big brick wall ahead, the future of my business seems limitless now.

-Samantha L. 

"It’s by far more than worth the investment"

You always leave conferences with a notebook full of ideas and you kind of touch upon little subjects here and there but don’t really dive deep. This retreat was so different, intimate, and encouraging because you’re surrounded by a small group of creative professionals who all have their own ideas. When you mastermind together and hear what other people’s goals are, it sparks inspiration in you to do it for yourself. This is the first retreat I’ve ever gone to where I have clear ideas of what I’m going to do when I wake up tomorrow and the next day and the next day.  

I’ve got tasks and checklists of specific goals geared towards my business because we had one on one time with both Jordan and Laura to map that stuff out.  

It was absolutely worth it. If you’re on the fence about coming to a retreat, I highly recommend coming to this one. It’s by far more than worth the investment. You’ll have a roadmap geared towards your specific business that you can use today to grow to the next level. I can’t wait to come to the next one.  

-Kristen V. 

Are you ready to Move Mountains with your business?

Join us for the four-day retreat that’ll put you on the fast track to purpose, freedom, and profit!  


The Itinerary

An all-inclusive getaway for you & your business. Just think cozy winter mountain town, not beachside resort. 

VIP Welcome Cocktail Hour

4 Days of Action-Packed Educational Content led by Laura Neff & Jordan Jones  

Three Night Stay at a Cozy Retreat Cabin

3 Dinners, 2 lunches, 3 breakfasts, snacks, and beverages galore

Mastermind-Style hot seats and round table discussions to help you design roadmaps specific to your business goals 

New Headshots for All Attendees

Evening Heart-to-Hearts around the Fire with S'mores (+ Wine and cheese, obv)

One, Private Group Sunrise Yoga Session 

Amazing Goodies from our Sponsors 

A Supportive, Relaxing Environment to Explore Yourself & Your Business' Future with 12 like-minded creatives 


And, as if an amazing supportive community, deep conversations around a firepit, s’mores, wine, cheese, and ALL OF THAT wasn’t enough… here’s what you’ll learn:

"The Life Stuff"

  • Holistic goal setting that aligns with your purpose and fulfills you on a daily basis
  • Intentionally designing your life and business for success, balance, fulfillment, impact and happiness 
  • Scaling your business without sacrificing your personal life
  • Discovering your best self so you can make the impact you were born to make
  • Mindset mastery and overcoming the doubts and fears that keep you from the next level 

"The Really Important Systems & Business Stuff"

  • Goal Roadmaps and Planning to actually help you achieve your biggest and scariest “I can’t believe I’m writing this down” goals
  • How to become a “go-to expert” in your field and get noticed as one
  • Differentiating your revenue streams and growing beyond 1-on-1 services
  • Making passive income and how to get started 
  • Using systems to work smarter, save tons of time, and take your business to the next level
  • How to maximize your time and run your business efficiently for maximum results and productivity on a daily basis
  • Growing a team and delegating the smart way
  • Creating killer processes and systems in your business 

"The Next Level Marketing Stuff"

  • Creating content that connects with your ideal audience and builds community
  • Using ads to attract the RIGHT audience that are primed and excited to buy your products or services
  • Growing your traffic with Facebook and Instagram ads
  • List building 101 and beyond - which systems to use, how to get started, and how to scale
  • Nurturing your audience with welcome sequences and campaigns that lead to the sale
  • Building marketing and sales funnels that grow your influence and bring in passive income
  • Integrating all of the tech so that your systems work when you don't need to 

You’re getting the good stuff. If you know anything about Laura & Jordan, you know we don’t hold back.

We truly believe that helping other people build their businesses is the best job out there. We LOVE seeing people pursue their purpose and passions while making a profit and supporting their families– WITHOUT sacrificing time with them.  

It's THEE best thing ever.  

We’re passionate about teaching this stuff because we want to see all your wild and crazy dreams come true.

This is for you, friend.

It’s taken us countless years, endless frustration, and thousands of dollars to master the information we’re sharing with you at this retreat. We want to make sure that you don’t have to go through our struggles to build an awesome business that allows you to experience amazing success and freedom! And we want to make it affordable and attainable for you too.

One day of coaching with Laura or Jordan individually is $2200 (each!) You’re getting 3 whole days of kick-butt education, meals and accommodations valued at over $15,000…  

For a FRACTION of that.

There are only 12 spots available, so be sure to save your seat before it sells out!

You've got questions, we've got answers.

Where will the retreat be held and where will I stay? 

We're finalizing all of the details, but the venue will either be in the Poconos of Pennsylvania or the Catskills of New York (in the mountains of course!). Both locations will be easily accessible from airports - either Philadelphia or Albany. The house will accommodate all guests. Before you come to the retreat you will receive a form to fill out that will help us place you with attendees who have similar sleeping schedules! So don't worry - we've got you covered! 

Is this retreat for new business owners?  

This is not your average retreat and we'll be diving into some more advanced strategies. That being said, both new business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs are welcome to attend! This is for anyone who wants to learn how to grow and scale their business with intention, systems, and smart marketing strategies.

How many people will attend the retreat? 

We choose to keep the retreat intimate so that we can focus on each attendee on a personal level (i.e. masterminding, break-out sessions, etc.)! The Fall 2019 retreat will be capped at 12 attendees, so be sure to save your seat early!

What can I expect to learn from this retreat? 

We encourage you to read the "what you'll learn" section above! The retreat content will include everything from mindset + goal setting to growing a team + setting up systems to Facebook ad campaigns + marketing funnels. You'll also get exclusive access to Laura + Jordan to work through your own goals on a personal level during our hotseat and masterminding sessions.

What will we get to do besides learning awesome information? 

We’ve created this retreat to be a heck of a lot of learning with a lot of rejuvenating activities mixed in! Besides rocking your world with education, we’ll also go on adventures (think hiking and yoga!), spend time sharing stories around the fire, and enjoy delicious meals together! 

I have more questions, can I contact you? 

Of course! You can use the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of this page to chat with a member of our team, or you can email us anytime at!

Listen up, friend.

Business is not meant to be done alone. And it’s DEFINITELY not about sacrificing your personal life to be successful.

 Which is exactly why we created the Move Mountains Retreat…

Hey! We're your hosts (and new biz BFFs), Laura & Jordan. 

Laura Neff

Hey friend! I’m Laura! A New Jersey based wedding and portrait photographer, educator, and workflow expert who is passionate about helping fellow creatives boost their productivity, implement systems, and increase their profits all while living a fulfilling life that doesn’t revolve around work.  

When I first started my business, I never imagined that I could make 6-figures as a photographer, and make consistent passive income in an online business while still having balance in my life. I always thought success meant I’d have to sacrifice my time… but I was so WRONG, and today I lead a life I LOVE where I feel balanced, fulfilled, and wildly profitable.  

Now? I’m obsessed with helping people like you create the same success! I believe that work shouldn’t run your life and that entrepreneurship isn’t worth it if you never have time to spend with your loved ones doing the things you love!  

Obsessions: Firepits, sweet wine, deep conversations, elephants, and showing off my horrible dance moves at any given moment  

Jordan Jones

Hey there! I'm Jordan, a Full-time RVer, digital marketer, obsessive dog parent, new mama and adventurer. I run my business with my husband Pete as we travel the country full-time with our two german shepherd pups and our lil adventure babe! We feel so blessed to call this our life!!

While we love all things marketing, we really geek out over Facebook and Instagram ads. Over the past few years, we've helped hundreds of creative entrepreneurs and wedding industry professionals fuel their businesses, get booked out, go full-time, launch new courses, and sell out their programs with Facebook ads + smart marketing funnels.

Now? We're obsessed with the hands on approach retreats allow for us to teach the things that set OUR hearts on fire. Because for us it isn't about marketing or ads... it's about helping YOU build a business that serves yourself and your family.

  Obsessions: Jesus, our pups, hiking, craft beers, travel, and mountains  

This retreat is for YOU.

Don't let this year be another one of "those" years. 

NOW is your time to scale, grow, profit, gain back time and actually make strides towards your dreams. 

Your dream business and life are waiting for you... and so are we!


Ready to save your seat and change your life & business?

Let's break it down.

No, not the worm (but stick around and you're sure to see Laura breaking it down on the dance floor!)

Investing in your business is scary, no doubt. But what’s even scarier?  

Plateauing in your business and staying stuck exactly where you are.  

You were born with an entrepreneurial heart and mind and spirit. You have what it takes to grow.  

And we're going to help you every step of the way

The details

What: Fall 2019 Move Mountains Retreat

When: September 23-26, 2018

Where: Poconos, PA or Catskills, NY

Who: Laura, Jordan, + your 11 new biz bffs

Your investment

First things first: investing in your business means investing your time. It means showing up, taking action, and doing the work. 

This retreat is designed to be an intimate, jam-packed experience that will radically change your life and business. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we'll be pouring into YOU and caterng the content to best help you reach your own unique goals. All you have to do is show up and commit to putting in the work to make those big dreams happen!

Growing your business also involves a financial commitment. The regular price of attending this all-inclusive retreat is $2,297. This includes all of the content, 3 nights of accommodations, meals, and activities. Travel is not included.

*Limited-time Early Bird Rate*

We LOVE to reward action-takers, which is why if you enroll before June 1st, you can save $400 on your seat. See below for the payment plan options + to save your seat now!

**Seats are first-come, first-serve, and will be capped at just 12 attendees.**

Choose your own adventure:

Pay in Full

One payment of $2,297

Early bird rate: one payment of $1,897

  • 4 Day All-Inclusive Retreat  
  • Lifechanging Business Strategy  
  • 12 New Best Friends  
  • All Food + Alcohol
  • Unlimited Dance Parties  
  • Shared Accommodations for 3 nights
  • Private Attendee Facebook Group 
  • And - of course - Adventure

*Early bird pricing ends May 31st! Standard rate enrollent closes July 31st.

Payment Plan

4 payments of $600

Early bird rate: 5 payments of $397

  • 4 Day All-Inclusive Retreat  
  • Lifechanging Business Strategy  
  • 12 New Best Friends  
  • All Food + Alcohol
  • Unlimited Dance Parties  
  • Shared Accommodations for 3 nights
  • Private Attendee Facebook Group 
  • And - of course - Adventure

*Early bird pricing ends May 31st! Standard rate enrollent closes July 31st.